EVSHP provides international security consulting services, covering a wide range of market sectors across the world. Find out more about us and how we do it here.

Since 2018, EVSHP has been providing independent security consultant, safety consultant, risk management, security engineering, and CCTV consultant services to the hospitality industry. After a few years of trading, the company has become recognised as one of the leading independent security consultancies in the industry, importantly maintaining our boutique status to be small enough to be readily responsive, if necessary, able to make quick management decisions often needed for fast-moving projects, yet large enough with the appropriately qualified human resource to consult on the most complex and demanding of security projects.

With resources in the EU and the Middle East, EVSHP are able to easily deliver projects for clients with distributed business operations such as; architects, developers, financial institutions, FM providers, and engineering consultancies.EVSHP work in partnership with our clients, striving to provide knowledge, expertise, innovation, enthusiasm, and value-added solutions for any project or client requirement. We work in a number of vertical market sectors across the built environment. Working internationally, we recognise that an overlap of parallel services often exists between fire, life safety, counter-terrorism and security disciplines, with many client’s preferring the ‘one-stop umbrella approach’ to ensure consistency of service.

Why choose EVSHP International Security Consulting Services?

Our team of security specialists come from diverse backgrounds, with qualifications and experience in risk assessment and management, physical and technical security, as well as operational security. The team is as comfortable discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular type of twisted pair cable, camera assembly, or intrusion detection device, as they are discussing high-level security strategy objectives. This holistic approach to security is our primary strength, which sets us apart from many other consultancies. This allows EVSHP to interface with a client to articulate and explain security systems, and technical design issues and ensure that operational security requirements align to technical specifications.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose SGW for your next consulting project or training course provider: – •

We are an independent and unbiased safety & security consultancy

• We are focused on providing professionally prepared reports, drawings, cost plans and advice which is clear, concise and which ultimately allows our clients to make an informed decision

• We employ highly-qualified and experienced people, including individuals who are Chartered Security Professionals (CSyP), Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and who hold qualifications in engineering, security and counter-terrorism disciplines;

• We are fully conversant with international standards for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Safety and Security Systems & Counter-Terrorism countermeasures for the protection of people, property, and the built environment, and are committed to continued professional development (CPD) across our teams, to ensure we are suitably qualified to provide professional and meaningful advice;

• We have a proven track record in providing safety and security engineering solutions for landmark buildings worldwide;

• We tailor our service to an individual client’s requirements, and offer competitively priced fee quotations focused on desired outcomes for a project;

• We have an international reach, with offices in the EU, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar;

• We are a Dubai Police – Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) licenced consultant for the category ‘Security Studies & Consultancies’;

• We have successfully supported architects and developers to attain the appropriate non-objection certificates (NOC’s) in relation to the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) – Safety & Security Planning Manual (SSPM);

• We can support a project from the initial assessment at concept master plan phase, across all work stages, to final witness testing and handover;

We will consult anywhere in the world.

Our Approach towards Hotel and Hospitality Security.

Hotels and other lodging establishments present a unique security environment which if handled incorrectly, works to create significant security risks for the business. 

A simple internet search for "hotel negligent security" brings up thousands of listings and advertisements from law firms who are more than happy to assist your patrons in filing suit after an incident in your establishment, and it is not rare for verdicts in negligent security cases in the lodging industry to run into the millions of dollars. ​ The leadership team at EVS Hotel-Pro is experienced in providing security consulting services to the lodging industry. Inca Uduman, our Principal Consultant, has provided security for multiple establishments with a diverse cross section of clientele, we are here to assist hotels, motels, and resorts with developing plans to mitigate risks related to: ​

Use of force by security personnel

Parking lot security

Guest room security

Gangs and drug activity

Aggression between guests

Human trafficking

Guest safety

Special events and others... ​

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our lodging industry clients include:

​ Security program reviews

Threat assessment program development

Training programs for staff

Risk & vulnerability assessments

Workplace violence prevention program design & training

Area crime analysis & crime prevention

Facility security design & construction project management

Vendor assessment & relationship management

Security management support & interim leadership

Compliance audits ​